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Grow your email lists
Convert visitors into customers
Motivate users to take action
Utilize scarcity & urgency to skyrocket your conversions
Engage & delight users
Setup viral campaigns
Mix & match the included tools to create any marketing campaigns


Multiple tools in one plugin

Marketing-WP plugin contains multiple tools, such as Forms, Side Menu, Modal Windows, Viral Signup & Countdown.

Mix & match tools to create a perfect marketing cocktail

All the included tools work together, so you can setup various marketing campaigns & functionality for your website. Create opt-in forms & add countdown timers to them to create scarcity. Open modal windows via side menu items. Show & hide forms via the Countdown's trigger settings.

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The plugin contains

Use each tool separately or use them together & create great offers, run captivating marketing campaigns, motivate users to take action or simply improve your website to engage & delight your users.


Skyrocket your conversions

Setup limited-time & limited-amount offers

Create scarcity effect with limited amount availability

Create urgency effect with limited time availability

Choose between 5 modes: date, time, time with session tracking, amount, amount with session tracking

Create up to 2 countdowns

PRO: Unlimited amount of countdowns

PRO: Powerful triggers - hide offers when they expire or show offers when user completes a task

PRO: Enable randomizer to create realistic, convincing countdowns

PRO: Powerful visual styling

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Create simple forms

Setup email opt-ins, contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, inquiry forms, phone call request forms, etc.

Enable the fields you want: name, email, phone, comment

Receive the form data to your email

Customize texts: change button text, change placeholder texts, change confirmation texts, change error texts

Change the input field height

Specify the duration to auto-close the confirmation text

Users can simply press an enter key to submit the form

Create up to 2 forms

PRO: Unlimited amount of forms

PRO: Send emails to users. You can use this for providing locked content to users after they give you their emails.

PRO: Save emails to a list

PRO: Powerful visual styling

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Herd Effects

Show fictitious notifications to motivate users to take action

Show how much action there is on your website to motivate visitors to join that action!

Create notification sets with your custom text and variables

Font Awesome Icons

1 set of notifications

3 notifications in a set

Paste in any page with a shortcode

PRO: Unlimited amount of notification sets. Create as many sets as you want! Place different ones on different pages, if you wish.

PRO: Unlimited notifications in each set. Notifications within each set will be generated continuously, appearing non-stop.

PRO: Randomize the time intervals with which the notifications appear to add more realistic effect

PRO: Animated display. Choose how the notification appear and disappear.

PRO: Show or hide the close button. Hide close button to prevent users from disabling the notification set.

PRO: Powerful styling

PRO: Custom icons

PRO: Powerful positioning. Make the notifications appear anywhere you want on the screen.

PRO: Powerful placing: In addition to shortcodes, run the notification sets on the whole website, only posts, only pages, only certain pages or only certain posts, all posts except specified ones or all pages except specified ones.

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Modal Windows

Create popups & flyouts

Use modal windows to gather emails with various tactics

Turn your abandoning users into customers

Boost visitor engagement on website

Setup online order forms, price calculators & other interactive widgets

Show ads & calls-to-actions

Insert any content in your modal window via the built-in editor

Trigger the modal windows on anything: when the page loads, click on a link with an id, click on a link with an #anchorlink, when the window is scrolled, on exit intent

Control the annoyance with session tracking & show the popups only once to a user. Specify when to reset & start showing again.

Enable closing on overlay & via the Esc button

Set the delay with which the modal window appears

Create up to 2 modal windows

PRO: Unlimited amount of modal windows

PRO: Powerful positioning

PRO: Create flyout panels

PRO: Powerful styling, including custom background images

PRO: Powerful placing: In addition to shortcodes, place the popup to the whole website, only posts, only pages, only certain pages or only certain posts, all posts except specified ones or all pages except specified ones.

PRO: Show modal windows via the fixed buttons with your custom text. Buttons can be placed on the left, right, top or bottom of the screen.

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Side Menus

Create fixed attention-grabbing side menus

Add handy extra functions, widgets and content

Together with Modal Windows, show any widgets, dashboards, settings, page color changers, order forms, phone call request forms, price calculators, various interactive widgets...anything!

Link to other pages or open modal windows on click

Choose among hundreds of built-in Font Awesome icons

Enter your own text for the menu items

Setup in-page navigation with the #anchor links

Choose if the menu appears on the left or on the right

Create up to 2 menu items

PRO: Unlimited amount of menu items

PRO: Powerful styling, including custom icons

PRO: Powerful placement. Place the menu items on the whole website or only specific pages and posts. Provide different menus for different purposes.

PRO: Enable the built-in social share buttons

PRO: Enable the built-in print & back-to-top buttons

PRO: Enable or disable the item flyout on hover

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Skype Buttons

Create pimped-up skype buttons

Create a skype button with Start Chat functionality

Insert anywhere with a shortcode

PRO: Unlimited amount of different skype buttons

PRO: Enable multiple actions - Chat, Call, Videocall, Voice message, Add to Contacts, Information, Send file

PRO: Change texts. Put your own text for any action and for any status.

PRO: Change the dropdown's background color

PRO: Select the skype icon size: 13px, 22px, 30px

PRO: Show your status - let people see if you are online or not

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Viral Signups

Run viral campaigns with limited spaces availability

Choose among the 4 modes to create the campaign that you need

Mode 1: Simple signup. This is the simplest mode that allows users to leave their email.

Mode 2: Simple signup + Viral sharing. Simple signup form followed by a prompt to share your specified link & bring referrals. Don't forget to incentivize the users by offering a reward.

Mode 3: Limited signup. Limited signup lets you set a certain number of available spaces. Use it for early access with limited invites or other scarcity-based campaigns.

Mode 4: Limited signup + Viral sharing. Limited signup form followed by a prompt to share your specified link & bring referrals!

Emails are added to a list. Users who complete the goal (bring the specified amount of referrals) move to a separate list.

Text customizations

Fraud protection by session tracking. One user cannot enter multiple emails.

Built-in twitter & facebook share buttons

Create up to 2 forms

The list is limited to 10 emails

PRO: Unlimited amount of forms

PRO: Unlimited email list to run serious campaigns

PRO: Powerful styling

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