Wow Countdowns Pro


Create unlimited amount of timers & countdowns
Enable session tracking to make it realistic
Enable randomizer to make it even more realistic
Setup triggers to disable or show the offers when the countdown runs out
Create a countdown to a certain date
Create a countdown for a certain time
Create a countdown for a certain time, with session control
Create a countdown with a certain amount
Create a countdown with a certain amount, with session control


Convert like crazy with the Wow Countdowns Pro

Create scarcity effect with limited amount of whatever you are offering

Create urgency effect with limited time offers

Create social proof by showing how popular your offer is & how many people are rushing in to buy it

Make it appear very realistic by enabling counting randomizer & session tracking

Setup limited-time & limited-amount offers

Increase conversion by limiting your offer with an amount or time-based countdown.
You can have the timers start over on page refresh or you can enable session tracking and the timer will not refresh.
You can hide the offer or leave it be after the timer runs out.
The examples below track users and also hide the offers when the timer runs out. You gotta really hurry and use your chance to buy, sign up, etc.! 🙂 Don't loose the opportunity! These countdowns are set up to refresh every next day.


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Price: $100 $29.99

This special offer ends in:

Buy now

Join our webinar

Limited spaces! Spaces left:

Drop your email to signup for the webinar

Buy your early bird ticket to WordPressNerdz concert!

Price: $200 $59.99

Tickets available:

Buy now

In this example the countdown is set to stop at 3 tickets. Also, no triggers are enabled, so the offer stays available.


Show stuff after the countdown ends

Use this to make users view your ads & then provide a link to download, for example.
Make users stay longer on your website & then give them some gift.
Find a couple examples below:

Your download will start soon

Please check out this ad first. Your download link will appear in:


Stay on our website long enough & get a gift

Stay with us a bit longer:


Use for interstitials in a separate page or in a popup

Open example popup


To a certain date

Just specify a certain date for your countdown. For example: HEY! THIS OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL THE NEW YEAR! TIME IS RUNNING OUT FAST:

For a certain time

Just specify the amount of days, hours and minutes, insert the shortcode and let it run down! For example: GET THE TICKET BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. THE OFFER IS AVAILABLE ONLY FOR 50 MINUTES:

For a certain time, with session tracking

The regular time countdown always reloads on refresh. In this mode, the countdown will stop whenever the user leaves the site and will resume when the user comes back. You can also specify after how many days to reset it for the user.

Certain amount

Specify the starting amount. Specify the ending amount. Example: THE AMOUNT OF SEATS IS VERY LIMITED. SEATS LEFT:

Certain amount, with session tracking

In regular amount-based countdown, the amount reloads every time the user refreshes the page / comes back to the page. So it looks pretty fake. But with the cookie control enabled, the countdown continues & does not reload when the user comes back! You can also specify after how many days to reset it for the user. So: HURRY TO GET YOUR TICKET! ONLY LIMITED AMOUNT OF SEATS IS AVAILABLE:

Enable triggers

Powerful triggers let you control your offers in accordance with your countdowns! You can enable up to a 5 triggers for a countdown that fire when the countdown finishes. You can: •Create with the built-in editor & show any content •Redirect to a url •Show modal window (with Modal Windows) •Show or hide forms (with Forms) •Show or hide anything by pasting element's id or class

Enable randomizer

Randomizer is the unique feature that lets your countdowns appear extremely realistic.

Show or hide the titles

You can choose which titles you want to show & which to hide: days, hours, minutes & seconds. You can enter your own titles, so if you want to make them shorter or translate to another language, go ahead! You can also change title colors and title font size.

Show or hide certain parts of the timer

You can choose which part of the timer you want to show: days, hours, minutes, seconds. Show everything or only a part that makes sense in your case.

Specify when to stop

For the amount-based countdowns, specify the amount at which the timer will stop. In the examples here, we pretend that that the tickets will remain at the amount of 3 and 5.

Count downwards or upwards

You can choose the amount countdowns to count downwards or upwards. Example: THE PARTY IS GOING TO BE HOT! THE AMOUNT OF TICKETS ALREADY BOUGHT:

Style them

You can hide particular parts: days, hours, minutes or seconds. You can specify the background color (including the transparency setting), change text colors, choose among 5 delimiter types, specify font size, specify padding, specify border width, border radius, border color.

Unlimited amount of timers & placement with shortcodes

You can create any amount of timers you want with this plugin. You can place them anywhere you want with a shortcode. You can have multiple timers on one page.

Ongoing Support

We are supporting our customers with great care and urgency. When you encounter a problem, we are eager to help.

Constantly Evolving

We are listening to your feedback and add features regularly! Let us know what else you would like to have in this plugin.

Use with the Forms Pro

Use Countdowns Pro together with our Forms Pro plugin to easily setup amazing offers & control how they appear/disappear. The forms used on this page are created with the Forms Pro plugin.

Enable the built-in: name field, email field, phone field, comment field

Powerful styling

Save emails to a list

Enable email notifications for every new subscriber

Automatically send emails to users who leave their email. You can simply send confirmation emails or send some gift content, after users give you their email.

Learn more Buy now

Works great with popups and flyouts

Use our Modal Windows & Side Menus plugins to insert your countdowns in popups & flyouts and create high-conversion offers

Gather emails via the built-in email locker

Keep users on your website

Increase sales

Powerful features. Style popups as you want. Place them anywhere. Trigger on anything. Insert any content.

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This is an example of a timed ad in a popup with a redirect in the end.

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