Wow Forms Pro


Create any amount of forms
Style the forms how you want
Insert forms anywhere with a shortcode
Enable powerful email settings

Setup email opt-ins

Create simple email opt-ins with customizable confirmation text, that shows without annoying page reloads





Setup other types of forms

Setup feedback forms, order forms, inquiry forms, etc.

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Setup content lockers

Email access to a certain content to user only after he gives you his email, for example.

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Enable fields that you need

You can enable the: name field, email field, phone field, comment field

Powerful styling

Change positioning, sizes, alignment, fonts, font sizes, colors, borders, button colors & sizing...practically anything!

Change texts

Change button text, change placeholder texts, change confirmation texts, change error texts, setup texts for confirmation email

Send emails to users

Enable to send the email to user after his optin. Enter your text, paste your images, links, etc. with a built-in editor! You can also use this for emailing locked content or access to locked content.

Save emails to a list

Save all entered emails to a built-in email list. Grow your email base to monetize it.

Email notifications

Enable email notifications & receive the form's user entered data to your email.


Easily duplicate your forms. This can save you a lot of time.

Submit on Enter key

The forms will be submitted when users just press the Enter key after typing the data in. Very convenient!

No confirmation required

The submitted emails are added to the list right away. Users don't have to confirm the subscription via email. This way, you can get more leads.

Constantly Evolving

We are listening to your feedback and add features regularly! Let us know what else you would like to have in this plugin.

Ongoing Support

We are supporting our customers with great care and urgency. When you encounter a problem, we are eager to help.

Use with the Countdowns

Use Forms together with our Countdown extension to setup high-conversion forms!

Setup limited-time offers

Setup limited-amount offers

Tap into the buying drivers: create scarcity, urgency & social proof

Control your offers with triggers! Setup different triggers to enable or disable the forms when the countdown runs out!

Enable count randomizer & session control to make really realistic looking countdowns

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Comes with 6 months of free support, free updates and lots of love

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