Wow Herd Effects

Create and show fictitious notifications to motivate users to take action on your site!

Use text & variables to construct your notification template
Paste the shortcode anywhere to run you notifications

How it works

Construct a template with text & variables

Create your notification set's template by mixing your custom text with variables (it's super easy)

Enter the values for your variables

For example, for the Name variable enter John, Jake, Bob, Barbara, Dmitriy, Alexander. For the City variable enter Washington, Tokyo, Moscow, Cairo, Casablanca, Barcelona.

Let it flow

The plugin will generate and show up to 3 notifications, based on your settings


Capitalize on the herd effect

Show how much action there is on your website to motivate visitors to join that action!

Create an effect of a busy store, with people buying your products every second.

Show that people are registering non-stop on your website

Show that people are signing up for your event / webinar like crazy!

Show that people are mentioning you on social networks

Imitate any other activity

You can also just use it to convey some real information to users

Use it how you need it. You get the drill: create a queue effect on your website. The user sees how busy your place is. He gets the herd effect built up. He takes action, too!

This plugin is a marketing bomb!!! — dimych


Create templates with variables

Create notification templates with your custom text and variables. You can use the built-in variables to construct any kind of notifications!

Bonus: download the sample list of names and citites for your variables
Font Awesome icons

Choose among hundreds on Font Awesome icons

1 notifications set

Create 1 set of notifications

3 notifications in a set

The plugin will show up to 3 notifications in one set

Want more? Get Pro.
Paste anywhere with a shortcode

Make the notifications appear anywhere you want on the screen


Pro Version

Make unlimited notification sets. Unleash non-stop notifications. Style & customize how you want it.

Unlimited notification sets

Create as many sets as you want!

Unlimited notifications in each set

Notifications within each set will be generated continuously, appearing non-stop.

Powerful styling

Change colors of anything: background, text, icon, border. Tweak transparency. Change border-radius. Change border width. Tweak things to match your website design and your taste. Use your own icons.

Powerful positioning

Make the notifications appear anywhere you want on the screen

Powerful Placing

In addition to inserting shortcodes, you can easily place the notifications on the whole website, only posts, only pages, only certain pages or only certain posts, all posts except specified ones or all pages except specified ones.

Powerful timing

Control how often the notifications appear and how long each notification stays visible

Randomize the intervals

You can set the notifications to appear with stable interval, or you can use the randomizer feature to make the notifications appear with varying intervals. This creates even more realistic effect.

Animated display

Enable animated display of the notifications: from the right, from the left, from top, from bottom. Specify the animation duration.

Show or hide the close button

If the close button is enabled, user can close the notification and disable the whole notification streak. But you can hide the close button to prevent this.

Easily duplicate notification sets

Easily duplicate the notification sets to save time.

Ongoing support

We are supporting our customers with great care and urgency. When you encounter a problem, we are eager to help.

Constantly evolving

We are listening to your feedback and add features regularly! Let us know what else you would like to have in this plugin.


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