Wow Modal Windows Pro


Create any kind of modal windows with a powerful editor
Style them how you want
Place them anywhere
Trigger on anything
Insert any content
Collect emails & other data


Be ready to be annoyed by all the popups on this page, friends!


Powerful editor

Create any kind of modal windows with ease. Lots of styling options. Lots of delay options. Lots of settings.

Powerful styling

Change colors of almost anything. Tweak transparency. Change border-radius. Change positioning. Change overlay color and transparency. Tweak things to match your website design and your taste.

Powerful Placing

In addition to inserting shortcodes, you can easily place the popup to the whole website, only posts, only pages, only certain pages or only certain posts, all posts except specified ones or all pages except specified ones.

Insert any content

It's just like creating a WP blog post, where you can insert anything you desire in the editor: be it text, images, sliders, videos, pdf, iframes, audio...anything, really.

Not only popups, but also flyouts!

Wow Modal Windows Pro is a powerful tool for creation of flyout panels, as well. They are also known as slideout panels. Place them anywhere on the page. Make them slide from any side. Trigger on anything, just like the popups!

Show a flyout
Show Automatically

Show modal window automatically when the user loads your website. Setup the time delay.

Show On click with id

Just add an id of umodal-id-X to your link

Click with id
Show On click with #anchor

Some themes and plugins don't let you insert your own id for the links. No worries, just insert an anchor link then.

Click with #anchor
Show On scroll

Setup a popup to appear on page scroll

Show On exit intent

An exit intent popup appears when the user tries to leave the page. Hover your cursor over the address bar to test it.

Show via Fixed buttons

Enable buttons to appear on the left, right, top or bottom of your screen and display popups when users click on them! See the feedback button on the right?

Show via a side menu

Show popups via a side menu. Works with the Wow Side Menus plugin. Take a look on the left and test how it works.

Learn more about Wow Side Menus Pro
Control the timing

Delay the modal window show up. Set animation duration. Delay the close button show up. Delay the form closing after sending.

Popup with timings
Control with cookies

And show modal window to a certain user all the time, only once or show again after a certain number of days.

Set Up The Close Button

Enter custom text. Change styling. Change position. Change delay.

Customized close button
Close on Overlay and Esc Button

Enable or disable closing the popup by clicking on overlay or pressing an escape button.

Image backgrounds

Insert links to your images to have them as your popup's background

Image background
Mobile optimized

Popups are adaptive and look great on tablets and smartphones.

Easily duplicate modal windows

If you are creating a lot of similar popups with lots of settings, this features comes in very handy

Constantly evolving

We are listening to your feedback and add features regularly! Let us know what else you would like to have in this plugin.

Ongoing support

We are supporting our customers with great care and urgency. When you encounter a problem, we are eager to help.

Very easy to use, straight forward and really simple. It's really just for you if you looking for a pop up that can support your html code or anything else. Really happy with this plugin. Nice one! — rxwang

Grow your email list

Use modal windows to gather emails with various tactics

Use with the Wow Forms to create opt-in forms

Use together with the Wow Forms plugin to setup opt-in lockers. Lure users to submit their email by providing a candy. Send them that candy directly to the email.

Offer the users free content, free products, free samples, discount codes, etc!

Click the button to test an example

Get plugin for free

Turn your abandoning users into customers

Use the Exit intent popups: show offers at the precise moment when visitors are about to leave your website

Exit intent also works well with classic opt-in tactic

Click the button to test an example

Exit intent example

Boost visitor engagement on website

Use modal windows in conjunction with the Wow Side Menus plugin to provide extra content and functionality for users to engage with. Check out the side menu on this page on the left.

Give users something else to do by showing a popup when they reach certain parts of the page

Time modal windows to show up at the best moments to keep the users engaged with your content, offers and functionality

Or simply use modal windows to display any content on your website: images, articles, videos, etc!

Gather information from users

Gather feedback by using the Wow Forms plugin or by inserting any other forms

Run surveys

Insert anything else in the popup to gather any kind of information.

Click the buttons to test the examples


Setup online order forms, price calculators & other interactive widgets

Users often come to your website to understand how much things are going to cost them. Using other plugins, you can create various price calculators and provide them to users via a fixed button, for example.

If you need a calculator developed, send a word to

Estimate price

Set up a phone call request

Enable the phone field with the Wow Forms & easily setup a 'Request a phone call' popup. Call back the customers who do not want to make the calls by themselves.

Request a phone call

Show ads & Calls-to-actions

Show your own ads

Show external ads and make money

Disable closing on overlays and Esc button and delay showing the close button. Oh boy, users are gonna love it!

Display call to action buttons

Click the button to test an example



1 year of free updates & support


Use Modal Windows together with the Wow Side Menus plugin

Create unique custom menus

Place menu items on the left or on the right

Powerful styling

Built-in buttons like print and back-to-top

And a lot more features

Learn more about Wow Side Menus Pro

Welcome to Wow Modal Windows Pro

This is an example of a modal window with some styling

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, dicta eripuit gloriatur per in, nam ne minimum fabellas ocurreret. Molestiae necessitatibus mel ne. Ut accusam nominavi platonem vel, facer menandri pro in. Sed te lorem admodum, has ne vidisse insolens.

Get a free Modal Window plugin


Provide your email and we will send you a link to the free plugin.

Show popups by adding an id to your link

Just add an id of a modal window to your link or button:

<a id="wow-modal-id-3">Click me</a>

Show popups by adding an anchor link

Just add an anchor url of a modal window to your link or button:

<a href="#wow-modal-id-4">Click me</a>


What is on your mind?

You could suggest features, report bugs, etc.

Control the timing

This popup has:

1000ms animation duration.

Close button appears after 5 seconds.

Autoclosing after sending the form happens in 3 seconds.

Customize the close button

This is an example of a modal window with customized close button

Setup a background image

This is an example of a modal window with a background image


Number of pages

Request a phone call

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This is a cookie-based automatic popup

You will see it only once in 3 days.

Use this feature to control the annoyance for users.

You can press buttons well, friend!

This is an example of Wow Modal Windows Pro working together with the Wow Side Menus Pro

Here's some awesome text: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, et maiorum molestie delicatissimi vix, eu mel atqui principes argumentum, ea dicta patrioque pri. Ei novum vulputate has, amet adipisci conceptam ex eum. Sit ne hinc graecis, pri ei populo nusquam commune.

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This is an example of a flyout.



Exclusive offer just for you!

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Darn, what did we tell you?!

Hello. I am an auto popup.

I am set to appear on page load.

And I have a 20 seconds delay.

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