Wow Modal Windows

Create popups. Insert any content. Trigger on anything.

• Create any kind of modal windows
• Place them anywhere with a shortcode
• Insert any content via the built-in editor
• Trigger the modal windows on anything
• Create up to 2 modal windows


Be ready to be annoyed by all the popups on this page, friends!


Trigger the modal windows on anything

Show modal window when the page loads, by click on a link with an id, by click on a link with an #anchor-link, when the window is scrolled, on exit intent

Enable session tracking

Control the annoyance with session tracking & show the popups only once to a user. Specify when to reset & start showing again.

Enable closing on overlay & via the Esc button

Set the delay with which the modal window appears

Session tracking

Control the annoyance with session tracking & show the popups only once to a user. Specify when to reset & start showing again.

Exit intent

Retain users by showing a popup when they are trying to leave the page. Move your cursor over the address bar to see this in action.

Use with the other tools of the Wow family

You can use Modal Windows together with the Wow Side Menus, Wow Countdowns, Wow Forms, Wow Viral Signups to create anything you want

Very easy to use, straight forward and really simple. It's really just for you if you looking for a pop up that can support your html code or anything else. Really happy with this plugin. Nice one! — rxwang

What can you do with Modal Windows?


Grow your email list

Use modal windows to gather emails with various tactics

Use with the Wow Forms plugin to create opt-in forms

Use together with the Wow Forms plugin to setup opt-in lockers. Lure users to submit their email by providing a candy. Send them that candy directly to the email.

Offer the users free content, free products, free samples, discount codes, etc!

Click the button to test an example


Turn your abandoning users into customers

Use the Exit intent popups: show offers at the precise moment when visitors are about to leave your website

Exit intent also works well with classic opt-in tactic

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Exit intent example

Boost visitor engagement on website

Use modal windows in conjunction with the Wow Side Menus to provide extra content and functionality for users to engage with.

Give users something else to do by showing a popup when they reach certain parts of the page

Time modal windows to show up at the best moments to keep the users engaged with your content, offers and functionality

Or simply use modal windows to display any content on your website: images, articles, videos, etc!

Gather information from users

Gather feedback by using the Wow Forms or by inserting any other forms

Run surveys

Insert anything else in the popup to gather any kind of information.

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Send feedback

Setup online order forms, price calculators & other interactive widgets

Users often come to your website to understand how much things are going to cost them. Using other plugins, you can create various price calculators and provide them to users via a fixed button, for example.

If you need a calculator developed, send a word to

Estimate price

Set up a phone call request

Enable the phone field with the Wow Forms plugin & easily setup a 'Request a phone call' popup. Call back the customers who do not want to make the calls by themselves.

Request a phone call

Show ads & Calls-to-actions

Show your own ads

Show external ads and make money

Disable closing on overlays and Esc button and delay showing the close button. Oh boy, users are gonna love it!

Display call to action buttons

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Serious about your website? Then go PRO.

Unlimited amount of modal windows

Powerful positioning

Create not only popups, but also flyout panels

Very powerful styling, including image backgrounds

Powerful placing: In addition to shortcodes, place the popup to the whole website, only posts, only pages, only certain pages or only certain posts, all posts except specified ones or all pages except specified ones.

Show modal windows via the fixed buttons with your custom text. Buttons can be placed on the left, right, top or bottom of the screen.

And much more...


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Hello! This is an example of a Modal Window

As said before, you can insert any text content, any shortcodes, any media in here. Pretty cool, right?


I am a scroller. Roller. Modal window. Dollar.

This modal window is set to appear on page scroll.


I am an automatic popup

I popup when I want! No, actually, I popup after a 10 second delay, that my creator has set...


You will see me only once

I am set to popup only once for a single user. I start to popup again after 3 days, as my creator has specified.


HEY! Where do you think you are going?

Hey! Did you think you can just play with me and then leave me? Nah-ah, I don't think so! Don't leave me. I will do anything for you...Want a gift?


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